The insurance broker Survival Kit: What you would like to form a purchase
The insurance broker Survival Kit: What you would like to form a purchase

Believe it or not, when it involves heading bent meet a replacement prospect, what you bring back a meeting are often an immediate reflection on your professionalism, personality and responsibility--all of which can be critiqued by your prospect.

Not sure what tools are absolutely essential to urge within the door with a replacement prospect? to assist you set together your agent survival kit, we'll identify the four tools that expert agents use to urge within the door with a replacement prospect--and walk off with a purchase .

Essential Tool #1: Computer and Agency Software

Essentially, by bringing a laptop pc equipped together with your agency's software, you'll bring your office with you, regardless of where your appointment is. And, while you'll be meeting the prospect at a restaurant or cafe , having the rating software at your fingertips will allow you to "play" with coverage and deductible options and show the prospect how their premium are going to be adjusted in these situations.

Bringing a computer to appointments also saves you the effort of taking notes while you're lecture the prospect, allowing you to:

Store the prospect's contact and application information
Save comments and observations about the prospect for later use
Provide the prospect with an accurate quote upfront

Arriving to a meeting without these tools may result in an, "I'll need to revisit to you on that" situation, which may negatively affect the probabilities that the prospect will buy a policy from you--and give them a chance to buy with somebody else who's prepared to satisfy their needs.

Essential Tool #2: Literature

By providing your prospect with literature on the sort of coverage they're trying to find , you give them a visible reference of the advantages of your services.

You might want to supply your prospects with:
  •  Company brochures
  •  Fact sheets
  •  Comparison charts
  •  Testimonials from current clients

Before meeting with a future client, stick some literature into your bag or briefcase--the prospect are going to be encouraged by the materials and have something to reference during your discussion, helping them to ascertain why they ought to do business with you.

Essential Tool #3: Policy application and knowledge

If the prospect has yet to fill out an application for coverage, you'll definitely want to possess a replica available for them (if applicable). Furthermore, if your sales talk goes well and therefore the prospect decides to shop for a policy from you, you ought to have any necessary paperwork available ,ready for them to sign.

Another necessity that always goes overlooked by agents is that the importance of black ink on application and policy forms. the rationale for this is often simple: black ink shows up better in photocopies. So stick a few black pens in your bag on the answer the door, only for good measure!

Now, if you're ready to begin the policy process on the spot, you ought to most certainly have a "welcome package" of sorts for your new client, filled with useful information like contact numbers and addresses, also as little known insurance facts and saving tips.

Essential Tool #4: Freebies

Most people love free stuff, which is strictly why you ought to have something available for brand spanking new clients.

But scrap the magnets and cheap plastic pens; lately agents are giving away:
  •  Sticky notepads
  •  Stress balls
  •  Thermal mugs
  •  Golf tees
  •  Dual keychain/flashlights

Leaving your new client with promotional goods may be a good way to point out your appreciation and make your mark in their home--giving your clients quick access to your contact information.

The Crucial Tool: Preparedness

When it involves producing your insurance broker survival kit, it is vital to recollect that it isn't about having the most recent or the shiniest gadgets that'll impress your prospect--it's about your preparedness and therefore the ability to serve your prospect on the spot. If you'll do this , your chances of selling new insurance prospects will increase dramatically--and so will your clientele!

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