3 Great Tips for giant City Driving
3 Great Tips for giant City Driving

Being an insurance professional in Houston, Tx I see many cars and much of accidents. within the insurance world meaning many claims and better premiums. I'm a consumer first because I even have to drive on an equivalent roads that everybody else does on the thanks to my office, so i made a decision it's an honest idea to offer out a couple of recommendations on driving during a big city like Houston albeit you're during a smaller one. Let's face it none folks like handling claims. i do not care if you've got the best agent at the best insurance firm within the world, it's getting to be inconvenient to some extent. Some stuff we just can't avoid, except for the items we control, let's do an honest job at controlling them. Trust me I even have had my share of speeding tickets... before I became an agent in fact ... i might never speed now... right? Anyway, seeing that I even have had speeding tickets and have many purchasers who have their share also as accidents I even have a couple of observations to supply .
  •  Smart telephone Usage. during this day and age it's not realistic to ask people to not use their cell phones while driving. So rather than me doing that i will be able to offer smart telephone tips. If you want to speak to someone while driving plan to always use a hands-free headset. you're tons more likely to remain aware of whats happening around you if you do not have the phone pinned to your ear together with your head cocked to the side. Also you're more likely to remember of your speed while talking hands free. We all have seen and been extremely irritated by that person poking 35 mph within the fast lane on the freeway, and once you finally get around them you see that they probably do not have an honest handle on driving without the phone up their ear but in fact that is what they're doing. Talking on the telephone thereupon scared/concentrated unsure look on their face while successfully impeding the flow of traffic. do not be that person please. And unless you've got Siri on your iPhone 4s like I do... ABSOLUTELY NO TEXTING! I can say an equivalent story as before about someone watching their phone and driving while impeding the flow of traffic, but I'll offer you a story that flows a touch deeper. Just last year during this exact month of July i used to be on my way home from a family reunion. Me and my pregnant wife stopped to urge gas at the Shell station for trip and as I'm pumping my gas... SMASH. Right ahead folks their was a few stopped with their blinker on attempting to show into the gasoline station when a young guy during a big pickup smashes them and pushed them a minimum of 30 feet forward into alittle ditch. once I say smash I mean SMASH. the child never bogged down in the least . He instantly hops out of his truck... you guessed it telephone in hand. We run over to aim to urge the people out of the vehicle but the car is so mangled that we had no such luck on the drivers' side. Unfortunately as soon as I need to the drivers' side it had been obvious to me that the lady driving was already deceased anyway. We were ready to get her husband out of the passenger side although he was very badly injured also . I'm unsure if the guy died or not later but i do know that child wherever he's today really wishes he would are watching the road rather than his phone that day. it is a really sad story, but I just really wanted to worry the seriousness of the matter.

  •  Drive For Others. Okay many of us might wonder exactly what that statement means. i will be able to explain it to you immediately . ASSUME that each one the people around you're idiots and haven't any idea the way to operate a automobile . Now I'll explain a touch deeper. We are taught the way to merge once we find out how to drive... assume the opposite guy forgot how. we all know even as I spoke about within the paragraph above we should always concentrate to the road rather than texting... assume the opposite guy is texting anyway. we all know women should concentrate to the road rather than apply their makeup... assume she awakened really late and she or he had to only this just one occasion today. Basically to sum up what I mean, Stay very alert and be ready for love or money while driving during a big city.

  •  Give Yourself Time. This tip is straightforward enough and are some things that i personally had to require note of. for a few reason I just wont to always feel rushed while on the road. Driving here in Houston if you do not give yourself time you'll always feel rushed. there's traffic and traffic and... you catch on . numerous people with numerous different driving styles will warrant traffic whenever . Whether it's thanks to an accident or simply someone deciding they need to require a Sunday drive on Wednesday. once you feel rushed you're more likely to form risky decisions while driving. Risky decisions are often bad decisions within the wrong situation. Also if you are feeling rushed and their is not any traffic you'll nearly always speed. Speeding can cause tickets, which cause higher insurance premiums, which cause unhappy pockets. Also speeding can give the probability of you've got an accident a lift .