Insurance Sales Tips to Double Your Policies in 1 Week - 3 Tips to place Into Action Today
Insurance Sales Tips to Double Your Policies in 1 Week - 3 Tips to place Into Action Today

Don't buy into the classic myths of selling insurance. Anyone who spouts off "it's a numbers game" or "contact your friends and family" hasn't made any real money selling anything. Buying into myths like these will keep you broke, struggling, and searching for a replacement career shortly.

Getting more policy orders is not just about making calls. it is not even almost generating more leads of individuals who want to seek out out more about insurance. To double your policy orders during a single week requires far more than simply either of things . once you want to possess your best week ever selling insurance, I invite you to embrace a special mindset. Before you roll your eyes, i'm not talking about "self help" or "daily affirmations". If you challenge yourself to think differently about your insurance business you'll not only have your best week, you'll blow past that on the thanks to a 7 figure income selling insurance.

Consider the subsequent insurance sales tips to sell more policies now:
  • Why Should Someone Use You?- You better not answer "because i'm honest" or "I provide great service" as that's what's expected of you! With commercials and ads running all the time for various sorts of insurance why should a prospective customer specifically call you for help? How are you different from the thousands of other agents? once you can answer this question in 10 seconds or less (I call it a marketing message) you'll have the primary step down on your way doubling your policy sales.
  • How Are You Handling Your Calls? - Bigger than simple objection handling or volume of calls made, what's your approach to your calls? Before you choose up the phone does one know that the prospect is lucky IF they get to figure with you? As you're making your calls (cold calls or from your marketing) i might invite you to be the Interviewer. You ask the questions, you control the conversation, and you opt if they're deserve a policy. once you put yourself on top of things you'll never get rejected again.
  • What Systems does one Have Helping You? -- Whether you're within the "mood" or not, what does one have working for you that's generating leads for your insurance business? does one have an internet site that spits out 20-30 new leads daily? - does one have a killer magazine ad that generates leads monthly? Having marketing systems in situ which will generate leads without your involvement is an important part to increasing your policy sales monthly.

Is it really as easy as 3 simple steps to double your policy sales? -  Yes! it'll take a while to place them into action, but even changing how you answer your calls can quickly improve your sales by the maximum amount as 50% during a single week.